Five-Star InSoFast Product Supplier in Chester County

Are you ready to install flat wall panels and basement paneling more quickly and efficiently than ever before? Then Brandywine Building Supply has the solution for you! InsSoFast products use a powerful, user-friendly system of interlocking panels that’s perfect for quick, effective, and safe insulation for interior and exterior applications. Read on to find out more about our InSoFast product options, or give our team a call today!

What Is an InSoFast Panel?

Do you want a better solution than tough to install and potentially toxic fiberglass insulation? InSoFast is a non-toxic and mold-resistant form of continuous insulation designed for your interior or exterior walls. Brandywine Building Supply offers 2 feet x 4 feet interlocking InSoFast panels with a selection of depths that will be a perfect fit for your new or retrofit construction project. When you choose Brandywine Building Supply, you can also have peace of mind that your InSoFast products will meet ISO/IEC Standard 17065 with IAS accreditation. There are three main types of InSoFast panels we have in stock here for your next project:

  • UX 2.0 interior wall panel: The UX 2.0 panel is 2 inches thick with a flat surface exposing embedded studs and a continuous R-value of 8.5.
  • UX 2.5 exterior wall panel: The EX 2.5 panel is 2-1/2 inches thick, with the surfaces of the studs covered by the extra ½ inch of insulation. It’s also ORSC-approved as a rain screen because of moisture drainage channels. The R-value of the EX 2.5 panel is 10.
  • R15 Panel

When you want interior and exterior insulation paneling that you can count on for unmatched quality, Brandywine Building Supply has the InSoFast products you need. Get a free quote on InSoFast products when you call or visit us today!

How InSoFast Basement Wall Panels Make Installation Quick and Easy

InSoFast insulation panels are a lot like the world’s most popular building toy—stick, stack, done. Whether you’re coming to Brandywine Building Supply for a DIY home project or professional installation, InSoFast can help. InSoFast is easy to install but powerful enough to handle commercial-scale projects. With InSoFast basement wall panels, there’s 85% less handling of parts and pieces required to finish a basement. It’s also cheaper and less complicated than the leading competitors in insulation. Regular insulation from a typical lumber store can take a week to install, while InSoFast basement wall panels from Brandywine Building Supply only take a weekend to set up.

You may wonder—what makes installing InSoFast products easy? The 2 feet x 4 feet dimension panels are easy to carry and stack with interlocking edges that you’ll never need to tape. They also have a space-saving profile for easy storage. Each panel comes with built-in code-depth electrical channels that run both vertically and horizontally along the edge. Get safe and simple InSoFast flat wall panels when you partner with Brandywine Building Supply. Give our team a call or stop by our Chester County location to check out our collection of InSoFast products!

Visit Us In Person Today to View Our InSoFast Product Selection

When you choose to partner with Brandywine Building Supply for basement paneling, you’ll receive discounted prices on industry-leading InSoFast products. Our goal is to bring you the finest goods at the most competitive prices. Visit our location in Chester County, PA, to view our selection of supplies we offer PA clients, or contact us now for a free quote. Our team is ready and waiting to help you find the perfect InSoFast basement wall panels for your project!